June 8, 2011

Sono una studentessa. I am a student.

It is my second week living in Florence and things have been pretty exciting. I started language school at Società Dante Alighieri, http://www.dantealighieri.it/ and even though it is challenging, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study here. My class consists of four students and we meet five days a week from nine until one. Our instructor, Lili will only teach and communicate to us in Italian. It has been really quite difficult to keep up which requires me to study and review for a few hours after class. I am a student! (studentessa)

Which is great news but.......

After I study I am unable to reward myself with the sights of this great city (città) because for the last few days it has rained very hard and hailed. (Yep, I wrote that it hailed.) On top of that the forecast calls for rain into the middle of next week. The word for rain is pioggia and I find it to be my least favorite Italian word. Hopefully the rain stops and I can go out and find some new adventures that I can post for you. Until than, I have to go back to my homework! Ciao!

Study! Study! Study!

On my way to school.

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