May 30, 2011

Our first Sunday in Florence.

We started our first Sunday in Florence with a walk around the city. Our first stop was only two blocks from our apartment. We noticed these signs on the corner of the Piazza Santa Croce. On November 4th 1966, Florence experienced a flood that was so devastating that it nearly wiped away the most important artifacts of this great city. It is estimated that 1,500 works of art were destroyed or disfigured. In fact our neighborhood is known for shops that are still restoring the artwork damaged by the flood.

Over 20 feet of water.

The top plaque is for the 1966 flood and the bottom is for the flood of 1557.

A photo of the same corner on Nov. 4th 1966.

We continued onto the Santo Spirito district to an area we dubbed "the garden block" because we had noticed many venders peddling flowers and plants. When we arrived there we were greeted by the Tango on the Block Festival. I enjoyed watching couples dancing without a care while tango music played from strategically placed speakers on the streets.

Dancing in the streets.

Finally we arrived at the Boboli Gardens, a famous park in that is home to a distinguished collection of sculptures dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries. There you can view the bronze copy of the Statue of David. It is a magical place to bring a bottle of wine and sit down to watch the sunset over Florence.

The view from the Boboli Gardens.

David and I.

HD and I enjoying the end of evening.

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