May 28, 2011

The first 24 hours in Florence.

We are here! Florence is just as beautiful as I imagined and our apartment is amazing! It is an old 13th century Convent across the street from the Santa Croce. It was remodeled into a loft and it also has the most charming garden that I plan on using for studying and dining alfresco.

Yesterday we decided to go out and explore our new home. We found the market a few blocks from home that has meat, fish, veggies, and all the basic's. The hard part is deciding which vender to buy from.
Porcini mushrooms


Is this safe?

After the market we went to see the David Hirst's Skull called For the Love of God, which is covered in 8,601 diamonds.

goofing around in the museum.

Later that night we went out for dinner in the Oltrarno area which means "across the Arno". On my passeggiata (Italian for evening stroll) I found this fountain in the Piazza de' Frescobaldi which was designed in the 16th century.

Designed by Buontalenti.

Taking my passeggiata.

On my walk I noticed these very unique street signs. I am not sure who designed them but I plan on researching it.

Align Center

By far the best sign I saw was in a window for a local travel agency. It describes Italians perfectly.


  1. The street artist is Clet Abraham.

    I am truly loving your journey guys!

  2. My link goofed!

    here's his FB:

  3. So you were at the Sant'Ambrogio market? I like it better than the Mercato Centrale... And honestly, you can skip Cibreo for Trattoria Cibreo. They share the same kitchen! However, DO go Teatro del Sale when there is a show you want to see.