May 2, 2011

Doing laundry in Italy. (fare il bucato)

When traveling through Italy with only one suitcase it is extremely important to have clean clothes. So how do I get my clothes clean?

In the 18th century I could have washed my clothes in a public laundries that were called “fulleries.” I would have had to join the workers called “fullones” and beat my clothes with a stick or jump in to stomp on them with my bare feet. After what would seem like backbreaking work I would than have the luxury of hanging my clothes in an nearby field to dry.

Um, no thanks.

(public laundromats back in the day)

While visiting Trento, I was able to find a laundromat that was self-service.

It also was conveniently located to a café that takes to go coffee to a new level. They do not use disposable cups in Italy instead they place your coffee on a serving tray and when you are finished you return it. It sure beats Starbucks!

(coffee to go)

(enjoying my coffee)

I am currently staying at a home that has a combo washer/dryer all in one unit. The only downfall is that it takes over four hours to clean my clothes. This is considered a luxury in Italy. Most households wash their clothes and hang them out to dry in the sun. Fortunately for me (because that does not sound like fun way to spend an afternoon) it rains almost every day in Friuli.

This also gives me the precious time that I can devote to more important things, like drinking good wine and eating scrumptious food.

I never thought that laundry would become such a chore.

(after a hard day of chores)


  1. The coffee tray definitely is greener. I wonder if they get most of their cups back.

  2. Oh, man! Sorry to hear about this life of labor you're living out there. Sounds terrible! Hope you are having a blast, lady. Give H my love and love to you too!