April 10, 2011

Soldera and Marco De Bartoli, Oh what a night!

Last night HD and I were guests of Gianfranco Soldera and his daughter Monica for an intimate dinner, which included Renato De Bartoli. We enjoyed an enchanted evening of great conversation and courses paired with the 2003 and 2004 Soldera, Brunello Riserva.

What a treat it was to sit with Monica and discuss the philosophy and the vineyard techniques that make the wines of Soldera special and important to drink. The 03 and 04 were both elegant with red berries, leather, and spice with hints of ash on the nose. They were also perfectly paired with our courses at dinner. I enjoyed them both tremendously.

After dinner we had a very special treat. Renato De Bartoli was kind of enough to share a bottle of Vecchio Samperi, Marsala (which he can't legally call Marsala because it is not fortified) that was originally bottle over 30 years ago and was about 20 years old at the time of bottling. (Which makes it over 50 years old) Next he shared a bottle that had Marsala as old as 1860 in the solera blend. With only 100 bottles existing of this particular Marsala, we felt very honored to be enjoying a glass with him. Sadly his father had passed away over a month ago so it was also very touching to be sharing a bottle by the great Marco De Bartoli.

The highlight of the night was to hear words of wisdom shared by Gianfranco Soldera. Besides making truly exceptional wines of the highest standards and quality, the Soldera family is deep-rooted with a foundation of family values and love among each other and their wines. It truly was a special to share the evening and get to know them better.