April 26, 2011

Happy cows make happy cheese in Friuli.

In Cormons, a small commune in Friuli-Venzia Gulia, I had stumbled on a small farm that is run by Giuseppe Zoff and his daughter Laura. It was there where I sampled his artisanal cheeses and returned a few days later to purchase cheese, fresh milk, and the most delightful and fragrant yogurt.

Giuseppe Zoff and his family have been breeding and raising Italian Simmental cows for three generations. In following his grandparent’s traditions, his cows are raised without chemicals and are never feed corn.

In fact when I walked up to his cows for their photo shoot, I was immediately struck with the most intoxicating smells of a sweet perfume in the air. The hay the cows were munching away on smelled of lavender and jasmine tea with honey.

They looked happy and they should because Giuseppe explained the importance of maintaining a stress- free environment for his over seventy cows. I even noticed that there were sprinklers and ceiling fans to keep the cows properly ventilated from the warm days.

He informed me that happy cows make happy milk, which makes high quality cheese and meat. If you would like to visit the agriturismo to meet the cows or to buy any of the fabulous products visit him at http://www.borgdaocjs.it/ They also a separate house where they rent out five bedrooms if you need a place to stay.

Happy cow (mucca contenta)

An assortment of cheeses of different ages and yogurt.

Azienda Agricola Zoff

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