April 1, 2011

3 days to go!

What an interesting week this has been! On Wednesday we officially moved from our apartment in the city. Packing up all of our furniture and clothing for storage was quite possibly the hardest part so far. We rely so much on material things to keep us comfortable in our daily life. I was not prepared to "let go" of silly items that I would have no use for in Italy. What a lesson that has been.

Not living in the city and crashing at my Mamma D. (HD's mom) house for the next few days has begun to take its toll too. It's not Mamma D. that is the issue, in fact she is a wonderful hostess. It is the long commute from Rego Park, Queens that is the adjustment!

I guess I am a tad bit spoiled because I have always lived in the city. I am not used to traveling back and forth fifty minutes after a long day of lugging shopping bags and running errands all over the city. Add the rain/snow/sleet and the fact that I am only able to get wifi access at Starbucks. (I currently would like to give a shout out to the Starbucks on Columbus and 76th for this blog post.)

Unfortunately I am unable to add more hours in the day to get a chance to see everybody. I hope I do not offend anybody but I have errands that need to get done before I go.

So three more days! Closer than ever to my goal. I am feeling such excitement and happiness to be beginning a new chapter of my life. I am ecstatic and feel very blessed to be on this adventure with HD, my family, my friends, and you.

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