April 3, 2011

A rare act of kindness.

Last night something terrible happened. I dropped my Iphone and cracked the glass in tiny little shards. Being that today is Sunday, I was worried that I might not be able to get it fixed before I leave tomorrow. I stopped by AT&T to get it replaced but unfortunately they wanted to charge me $300. I didn't think that was worth it especially since I will not be making phone calls with this phone while I am in Italy. Oh what to do!

Lucky me because as I was visiting old friends in Astoria for a quick brunch I walked pass Best Mobile Wireless.

When I asked them if they could fix my Iphone glass they said yes but they couldn't fix it today because they were out of replacement glass. Just when I thought I was screwed the wonderful man behind the counter offered me his glass from his phone. A rare act of kindness indeed! He fixed my phone and I was on my way in less than twenty minutes. I never did get your name but whoever you are, thank you!

Thank you Best Mobile Wireless (30-61 Steinway Street in Astoria.)

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