September 23, 2011

How I spent my 33rd Birthday.

It was an exciting day because my Birthday happened to fall on the same day we picked the Rocche vineyard. The day was long and we didn't finish until after 9pm but that did not stop us from enjoying a  bottle or two of celebratory bubbles in Alba. I can't wait until it is released and I get to drink the 2011 Vietti Rocche, Barolo. 

Drenched in wine after draining the tank.

 Rocche (nebbiolo) grapes arriving on the sorting table.

 After we pressed a tank of Barbera it was time to shovel the pomace into plastic containers. The pomace  will be delivered to a local distillery and made into grappa.

 After a much needed shower it was out for some drinks with friends and HD. 

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