August 26, 2011

Topping off the barrels and learning how to work in the winery.

This week was very exciting at the winery. We had to top of the barrels and it was extremely physically demanding. Every single muscle of my body was in pain after topping off over 800 barrels. 

Trying to get the bung out.


Working hard!

I learned how to siphon wine out of a barrel which ended in a mess my first time. I didn’t think the wine was going to come out as fast as it did so I ended up with wine in my hair, face, and all of my shirt. By the second time I had mastered the art.

Practice makes almost perfect.

Look! They gave me a gun!

Staying focused.

I also learned how to check the stainless steel fermentation tanks to make sure the wine was in sound and in good health. Following the Cellar master was intense. I had no idea how much work really goes into the daily operations of running a successful winery.


  1. Great blog Liz!!! My Alicante friend Jorge lead me to it and I am enjoying it, thanks :) -Noel-

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